About Us

Where we’ve been?
From an old building in Siddonsburg to a stately brick church on the corner in Mt. Pleasant, the Church of God, bearing the village name, has grown in membership and goals.

When the first parishioners gathered for worship in 1843, they numbered only twelve. The first ruling elders were two gentlemen named George Myers and James F. Machlin. They did more than make decisions concerning the congregation; they also preached the sermon on Sunday and led the services because there was no minister.

In 1844, Thomas Kerr donated a small tract of land in Siddonsburg on which the growing congregation built a new church at the now unheard of price of $500. The congregation used the church until 1859, when the first Mt. Pleasant Bethel was built in Mt. Pleasant about a mile from the former bethel. The cost of that building, which included a lecture room and a dwelling on the first floor and an auditorium on the second floor, was $2,300. Elder John Winebrenner laid the cornerstone on August 16,1859. The auditorium was moved to the first floor during a church renovation that took place in 1882.

The Mt. Pleasant Church of God, in which we worship today, was built in 1913 when Rev. C.H. Heiges was pastor. It was dedicated on January 18, 1914. Records show it cost $14,500.

At one time, the church at Mt. Pleasant and the church in Bowmansdale shared one pastor, but that came to an end in the mid 1970’s. The Rev. Walter “Ben” Zimmerman stayed on as pastor at Mt. Pleasant, and Bowmansdale hired its own pastor.

So far, there have been 58 men including lay elders and ordained ministers that have answered the call of God to serve at the Mt. Pleasant Church of God. The church, which is part of the Eastern Regional Conference of the Churches of God General Conference, has grown to 158 members.

As the Mt. Pleasant Church of God celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1994, it took yet another step toward expansion – the addition of a church fellowship hall. The new building houses much-needed Sunday School rooms, the early Sunday worship service, fellowship dinners, church plays, and is used for a wide variety of many other events.

Where are we going?
Mt. Pleasant Church of God has always been a loving and caring community of believers, where a person’s relationship with Christ could be developed. A total of seven pastors have come from this congregation in the last fifty or so years. We, the congregation and Pastor Zack are going to help Christians, of all ages and backgrounds, to draw closer to God through Jesus Christ and equip them with skills for ministry through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is our goal at Mt. Pleasant to illustrate the love of Christ for all humanity; but, we are going to challenge you to grow in knowledge of God’s Word, faith to trust Him more, and the desire to reach out to others with God’s love.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life with Jesus Christ in your heart? If so, come and join us here at Mt. Pleasant as we follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, wherever He may lead.